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The International Catholic Issues Site With The Regional Name

About Us

The SFBay Catholic Administrator        

Hello! Welcome to the SAN FRANCISCO BAY CATHOLIC Electronic Magazine

 My name is Hugh O'Regan. At the present time I work as a computer programmer and Senior Technical Support Engineer (Yes more school) with a large database company located in Emeryville, California. The picture that you see above is my view from my office at work - not my home .

I am a former Roman Catholic priest (Benedictine) and as you are able to see still very much an active Catholic. I took my M.Div at Saint Meinrad School of Theology (1975). and hold B.A. degrees in Business Administration and Philosophy. I did graduate work at Indiana University (Islamic Studies), Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (Reformation Theology) and Saint Mary's Hospital in San Francisco (Death and Dying).

Having been trained in the Benedictine tradition I have a great respect for history, especially Church history. I'm very much convinced that every Catholic (cleric, religious or lay) has an obligation to be on a continual search for 'truth' and must remain not only always open to the official teachings of the Church but also to the witness of personal experience, the witness of history and the witness of Church theologians who responsibly speak up and question some teachings as incomplete, out-of-date or containing error.

Please look around -  enjoy yourself. Your comments are always welcome! This site contains Roman Catholic material which you might find difficult to find on most Catholic Web sites and perhaps that is its primary value.

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