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Tradition and the ordination of Women

This Catholic site is committed to providing you with both sides of the issues that the Church is discussing, perhaps this is what makes our site unique. Our focus is on theology and news, not piety. Issues such as the possibility of the Church ordaining women to the priesthood are controversial. It is not our intention to shock but rather provide serious Catholics and Catholic theology students with a free flow of responsible theological source material to aid in the development of an ADULT CATHOLIC FAITH and an ADULT INFORMED CONSCIENCE.

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A Statement Of The Problem

A Statement of the Problem (SFBAY Editorial 12/1/95) Are Catholics permitted to discuss this Issue? The original SFBAY CATHOLIC Women's page before the publication of Responsum ad Dubium Regarding Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.

The Vatican Teaching

Important Vatican Documents upholding the prohibition of ordaining women to the Priesthood.

Articles In Favor of The Ban

Theologians, clerics, and Lay people write in defense of the Vatican Interpretation

Articles In Favor of Ordaining Women
Or Calling For Open Theological Discussion

Theologians, clerics, and Lay people write in opposition to the Vatican position. A case is made against the prohibition by pointing out that the papal statements are by their nature fallible and the arguments supporting the ban are flawed.

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