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Catholics and the Magisterium in Dialogue

Bishops Issue Caution On Christian Coalition

‘We must say as strongly as possible: The Catholic Alliance does not represent the Catholic Church.’

As election rhetoric heats up, Archbishop Stafford, and Bishops Tafoya and Hanifen issued a warning to Colorado's Catholics that the 'Catholic Alliance' a sub-grouping of the 'Christian Coalition' a right-wing lobby group does not in any way represent the Catholic Church.

 "While the Catholic church and the Christian Coalition (or other similar organizations) find agreement on issues such as abortion, euthanasia and pornography, we  sharply disagree on issues such as welfare reform, capital punishment and health care reform."

 Archbishop Stafford of Denver is known as a theological conservative who is a "liberal" on most social issues. The Colorado Catholic Conference is concerned that Colorado's Catholics might see the Catholic Church as giving approval or endorsement to the aims and goals of the Christian Coalition when in fact the right-wing organization is often at odds with Catholic Social Teaching.

Attack On America

Focus On Catholic Responses To The Attacks And The Resulting Conflict

Papal Statements on September 11th Attack in the United States

U.S. Bishops Conference Statements

Just War Theory Outlined

US Bishops Respond to Holy Father’s Statement of Concern on September 11th Attack

Bring Yourself up to speed on Islam

No religion in the modern world is as feared and misunderstood as Islam. It haunts the popular Western imagination as an extreme faith that promotes authoritarian government, female oppression, civil war, and terrorism. Karen Armstrong's short history offers a vital corrective to this narrow view. The distillation of years of thinking and writing about Islam, it demonstrates that the world's fastest-growing faith is a much richer and more complex phenomenon than its modern fundamentalist strain might suggest.

Islam: A Short History     <=== WE RECOMMEND THIS BOOK HIGHLY!
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