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The International Catholic Issues Site With The Regional Name

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The International Catholic Issues Site With The Regional Name


Every serious issue within the Catholic Church has two sides. 

San Francisco Bay Catholic attempts to provide arguments on both sides of the important Issues facing Roman Catholicism today. 

We bring you Catholic articles - by Catholics, allowing and encouraging you to make up your  own mind.  This site will present links and articles which both support and disagree with the Magisterium. We strongly feel that it is important for Catholics to understand what the official positions are as well as the current Catholic theological traditions opposed to those positions.

 In recent years we  have opened up sections on the women's ordination controversy, progressive renewal organizations and movements within the Church as well as issues from gun-control to capital punishment. In the coming months we intend to look closely at the most serious issues within the Catholic Church - artificial contraception and freedom of conscience.

The San Francisco Bay Catholic approach often infuriates extremists of the Catholic Right or Left.  This is especially true of the Catholic right-wing "Loyal to the Magisterium" types who often do believe that blind obedience is a  Catholic value.  It isn’t. It is rather a clear sign of arrested or deformed spiritual development.   We follow the Catholic tradition and we believe that the intellect as well as the will are necessary for a solid and  sound Catholic faith.

We always welcome responses from our readers.  Articles in defense of official positions of the Church are welcome and will be accepted.  Likewise, theological  position papers in opposition to fallible teachings and official policies of the magisterium are also welcome. 

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