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Catholics and the Magisterium in Dialogue

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Dissent Within Catholicism

When Wrong Turns Out To Be Right.

An article published in U.S. Catholic which examines dissent and change within the Catholic tradition!

Examples of Loyal Catholic Dissent Down through the ages.

Forming A Catholic Conscience

Probabilism: The Right to Know of Moral Options.  Father Philip Kaufman, OSB; monk of Saint John’s Abbey discusses the Catholics right to make moral decisions of conscience. (Book excerpt)

Loyal Dissent Vital to Life of Church

Loyal Dissent Vital to Life of Church Comments on the firing of Sister McEnroy and why this action by the Saint Meinrad School of Theology Administration was so harmful to the health of the Church.

When Excommunications Fail.

Bishop Bruskewitz - Call To Action

1995 Failed Excommunication Action

This issue now dated.  Maintained here as an historical record.

Regulations for Doctrinal Examination
From  the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. - June 19 1997 Letter


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