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Catholic Ministry To Homosexuals

Articles and Essays Dissenting
Against the CDF Suppression of Gay Ministry

A Monk Responds - Name withheld upon request

Nuns Call For Ratzinger Resignation. - Media Release

Two board members of a national organization of Roman Catholic nuns issued a blistering criticism of the Vatican for forbidding a nun and priest from ministering to gays and lesbians and called for the resignation of the Vatican  official responsible for the ban.

Reflections Of A Dominican Nun 
Excellent and thoughtful response bySister Carol Coston, O.P.

One Priest's Letter of Support - (Rev.) Joe Veneroso, M.M

When The Church Fails To Minister
Catholic policy in practice. - submitted by JL

Grateful dissent

By James Alison

Real Audio NPR Report: July 21 1999

Homosexuality and the Church
National Public Radio interview:

FATHER BRUCE WILLIAMS Theological advisor to Sister Gramick and Father Nugent for their appearance before a Vatican commission Teacher, University of St-Thomas (Rome)

CHRISTOPHER WOLFE Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Editor, Homosexuality & American Public Life (Spence l999)

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