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Catholics and the Magisterium in Dialogue

Catholic Church and State


Abortion Rights and Catholics?
Bishops Conference addresses the issue of violence at abortion clinics

Letter to the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
(Addressed to Canadian Catholics) from the National Conference of Canadian Bishops

Quebec Reconciliation
Canadian Bishops call for spirit of reflection and reconciliation Quebec Referendum Statement


Catholic Bishops Approve Limited Condom Use

 French Council of Catholic Bishops issues statement in response to AIDS Crises  (12 Feb 1996)

Statement upholds Church teaching on contraception while allowing condom use for prevention of disease.

Middle East Conflict

The Humiliation of a People: Bishop Jacques Gaillot
With the massacre at the Jenine refugee camp we are discovering horror: houses destroyed by bombs, streets ruined by tanks,, wounded without medical attention, bodies that cannot be buried, men humiliated in front of the cameras! Hospitals no longer function, ambulances cannot circulate, Doctors Without Borders are prevented from going to the site. What homicidal folly! Now we know that the worst can happen.

Catholic Just War Theory Guidelines

(7 Principles)

United States

Attack On America

Our Focus On Catholic ResponsesTo The Attacks And The Resulting Conflict

Statements On Capital Punishment

Statement on Capital Punishment
Catholic Bishops of Illinois

THE ARCHDIOCESE OF DENVER Archbishop Chaput's Statement Concerning  the execution of Timothy McVeigh

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The Moratorium Campaign

Bishops Issue Caution Statement Concerning Christian Coalition Claims

Bishops Issue Caution On Christian Coalition Colorado and Arizona bishops issue statements of warning.                            (1996)

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