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Crisis In The Priesthood

Priesthood Sexual Abuse Scandal


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Catholic News Sources Report: Breaking News

John Paul II Ready to Reject the Dallas Accords! CWNews Reports that the Vatican is ready to reject the U.S. Bishop’s Conference decision on the handling of Pedophile Priests. 

15 things Any Catholic Can Do

Push Is On To Quell Voice of Faithful

Conservative Catholics object and question VOF right to exist and their right to question or oppose the hierarchy.


Laity and Theologians Issue Call For Serious Reforms In July 20th Boston Meeting

The People Are The Church Nurtured by traditional teachings, a Boston priest now seeks more power for the laity


Is Homosexuality to blame for church scandal?
By Marilyn Elias, USA TODAY

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It Is Time To Wake-up!

This is the Boston Globe Maga- section with solid up-to-date information on the Crisis. 
Go Here First.

Pedophilia Defined
A clincal definition is presented with current outlooks for treatment.

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Recommended Related Resource:

The Daughters of St. Paul have compiled a comprehensive set of excellent resources for pastoral guidance in this time of crisis and faith. It includes prayers, internet resources, articles, and a downloadable leaflet in both English and Spanish

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