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The Call To Action chapters have seen tremendous amounts of growth during the past 18 months. This is partially due to the unexpected but free publicity which this organization of lay and clerical  Catholics received due to the actions of Bishop Bruskewitz, bishop of the Lincoln, Nebraska diocese.

 The result has been a ten fold increase in membership and the opening of new Call To Action chapters throughout the United States.

 The criticism by conservative and reactionary Catholics (who are often also opposed to Vatican II) has also increased and CTA is often unfairly charged with  advocating positions which it does not necessarily support. Calling for dialog and discussion does not equal unqualified support.

 Catholics would be well advised to carefully read the Call To Action literature and make up their own minds. Call To Action is in fact and organization made up of committed Catholics who love the Church and who work within the Church to promote renewal and reform. Its membership includes priests, brothers, sisters and  even bishops. Catholics would never know this if they only read what the detractors have to say.

 San Francisco Bay Catholic is not connected with Call To Action. We support many of the reform positions (but not all)  advocated by this group. We support Call To Action's call for dialog and we are fully behind the Common Ground initiative of the late Cardinal Bernardin.

 San Francisco Bay Catholic urges every concerned and committed  Catholic to take a serious look at what the various CTA organizations stand for. One of the best ways to do this is to look at some of the Call To Action Websites. Make up your own mind. In order to help you accomplish this goal we present the following important links for your consideration.


It is the opinion of San francisco Bay Catholic that the real (if often unstated) reason for many of the problems which CTA experienced in Lincoln Nebraska was this organization's support for discussion of the whole issue concerning ordaining women to the priesthood.  Read about it here!

Call To Action - National

Call To Action - Northern California



Call To Action - Wisconson

 The Nebraska CTA Excommunications Story

 The Women's Ordination Controversy

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