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The International Catholic Issues Site With The Regional Name

Six On-line Sources For Reform and Renewal Minded Catholic in 2002!


America Magazine bills itself as America’s Catholic Weekly.  Published by Jesuits since 1909.  America Magazine continues to be an excellent source both on-line and in print for news analysis of current issues facing the Church in today’s society.

Review. This Catholic magazine has come under fire recently by right wing Catholic groups unhappy with America Magazine’s slant on some Church Issues. For commentary and news analysis America Magazine is excellent.  Consider a yearly subscription to its news print edition.

Call to Action On-line -

CTA works for the kind of church personified by Pope John XXIII, glimpsed at the Second Vatican Council, outlined at the US Bishops' 1976 Call To Action conference.

Review – The site that right wing Catholics love to hate. CTA On-line is seldom listed as a resource on sites promoting “Loyalty to the Magisterium”.  To find CTA On-Line you have to know what you are looking for- or you might bookmark this site now!

NCR On-Line

The On-line version of THE NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER bills itself as America’s Catholic Newspaper.

Review – This (along with America Magazine) is probably the Catholic newspaper that your local pastor reads in his rectory. NCR On-Line is left of center and often highly critical of inaction or silence on the part of Church officials. If you want to keep up-to-date with the good, bad, wonderful and ugly in today’s Catholic Church; this is the On-line site to review.

Theology Library

Over 5,000 links and original material grouped in categories: church, revelation, liturgy, justice, theology, morality, spirituality, evangelization, religion.

Review - This is one of the most extensive list of links to Catholic sites. It is well maintained and updated frequently.

U.S. Catholic -

This solid Catholic Monthly is focused on the whole family and contains articles designed not only to keep you informed but also to increase your faith.

Review – U.S. Catholic remains a very good source for motivation and ideas on putting our faith into action.


ZENIT International News Agency covering the Catholic Church. Its mission is to provide objective and professional coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church for a worldwide audience.

Review – This agency makes many articles available free for personal and home use.  Other articles are available on a subscription basis.  Zenit is not always considered objective but remains a good source for finding out how the Vatican is reacting to current issues.

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